About Us

We are a group of guys that want to stay in shape but hate going to the gym.  We all share a love of the outdoors and have only recently stumbled into adventure racing.  Now we’re hooked and are trying to get everyone else we know to sign up and compete with us.

Our goal is simple, to have a good time and encourage others to do the same. As Hoosiers we hold these truths to be self evident:

  1. At the end of the race our place is irrelevant;
  2. When our teammates get injured during a race we point and laugh in their face;
  3. At most points during the race we have no idea where we are; and
  4. We never pass up a free beer when the race is over (or during the race).

Read below for a bit more on each of us.

The founding Hoosier Daddies, from left to right: Bruce, Justin, Todd, and Trent

Trent Jackson:

Trent eats, drinks, and breathes all things real estate.  He runs At Home Real Estate Services in Springfield, Missouri and lives with his wife Allison, who he would be the first to admit, is way too good for him.  When Trent isn’t hard at it buying, selling, renting, or re-habbing a property he enjoys mountain biking, wake boarding, snow skiing, and scotch.  He hits the single track like Holyfield with complete disregard for his own health or the health of those around him.  Please don’t let your children get near him when he is on a bike.




 Bruce Head:

Bruce is the papa bear of the group.  He is an ex college football player having played at SMSU in Springfield.  At 52 years old and a stocky 220 he is an imposing figure when he straps on his pack and takes off.  His assigned role is to be the voice of reason for the group but he sometimes strays from this assignment to encourage… a little more fun.  When he is not adventure racing he is hunting, catching crappie, and hanging out with grandkids.  He has also earned the reputation as one of the greatest blood trailers to ever live.  He works for Paramount Apparel Incorporated in Bourbon, Missouri and ensures that winning athletes all over the country have their shiny new hat to pour champagne on after they find success.






Todd Rochleau:

Known by his team mates as Todd Joyner-Kersey, he is the minister of pain for team Hoosier Daddies.  No one has ever seen Todd get tired from training or racing but that may be because he doesn’t sleep when he is at home, because of his two young babies.  Todd owns STR Technologies of Sullivan, Missouri and spends his days keeping local businesses operational.  Todd enjoys hanging out with his family, camping, backpacking, and skiing in his spare time. The only thing that excites Todd more than planning for an adventure race is the hope that one day he’ll get stranded in the woods by himself for a week so he can have some time to unwind.





Justin Head:

Justin spends his days as a small town lawyer in Union, Missouri and serves as the municipal court prosecutor in Union and in his hometown of Sullivan.  He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing, hunting anything that moves, camping, and backpacking.  Known to occasionally make questionable judgment calls regarding the safe way or the fast way, Justin ensures that the orienteering section will at least be entertaining.  He lives on a fruit farm in rural Franklin County with his wife and two babies.  Some would say that the fruit farm has multiple meanings.






Matt Montee:

If you are a landowner then there is a good chance that you have seen Matt stalking around your property chasing a deer or turkey.  Matt is an avid hunter and outdoorsman, but has been banned from orienteering due to his lack of respect for private property and fences.  Matt spends his days working as a foreman for ACME Constructors in St. Louis and lives with his wife and daughter in Sullivan, Missouri .  Matt was recently named our pacing expert after a stellar performance at the Berryman.  He is also our beer drinking ringer, so consider yourself forewarned if you challenge us to a drinking game.





Craig McFarland:

Craig is on loan from our arch rivals, Knucklehead Racing.  His old teammate broke his leg painting a rainbow on a water tower, (flag football) so he is currently racing as a Hoosier.   Craig spent years in the Special Forces as an Army Ranger so spending some time running around in the woods is a breeze now that no one is shooting at him.  When Craig isn’t racing he counts pills as a pharmacist for Wal-Mart near Kansas City, is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys scuba diving.  If you want to start a fight during an adventure race, wait for him to pass.






Ryan Record:

Ryan recently completed his first race at the Castlewood Adventure Race.  Ryan is the Charlie Daniels of computer programming and works (shoots his bow) from home.   In his free time Ryan enjoys building AR-15’s, shooting animals with AR-15’s, playing with AR-15’s, and reading about AR-15’s.   He lives in Sullivan, Missouri with his wife and two babies and will be happy to discuss the ballistics of anything if you meet him in a race.




Mike Kromrey:

Mike is an adventure racing veteran and recently agreed to race as a Hoosier because he lost a bet.  Mike is a savant at fly fishing and once caught a bald eagle with a fly he tied from the hair on a mouse he caught on his homemade cheese fly.  Mike works in Springfield, MO in the environmental field and lives with his wife and son who can already out fish Bill Dance.  Mike is the only guy we know with a fly rod rack on his mountain bike.






Jake Brandt:

Jake Brandt recently completed his first Adventure at the Castlewood Adventure Race.  He fits in the Hoosier Daddy mix well as a former college football player having played at Drake University.  He also spends his days as an attorney working out of Sullivan, Missouri.  Locally its’ said that Jake peaked at an early age winning the Spring Bluff Pirates scholar bowl tournament from fifth through eighth grades.  In his time outside the office you can find Jake chasing fish, chasing deer, and occasionally knocking the head off of a frosty beverage.


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